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Hello to all and happy spring from the Tennis Sports & Psychology Academy (TSPA)! Despite arctic conditions, and a very challenging winter that had been with us, the grass is finally getting greener!

Here at TSPA, as your Assistant Academy Director, I am pleased to say that I am finally seeing the end of the tunnel. The releve 24 which will save you money has been carefully inserted in the ‘view invoice’ feature for 2013 and can be downloaded when you login. While all the partying has taken place to bring in the New Year, TSPA has gotten me working around the clock. We have been planning for the upcoming 2014 tennis season as soon as the 2013 season ended! I am carefully analysing all the feedback we received (emails, fax, tweets, Facebook, weekly surveys at the end of camp, camp director and academy director feedback and suggestions) and implementing ways to make the upcoming season even more of a success for the campers, families’, and staff alike.

Areas of interest include continuing the tradition of providing catered lunches Monday—Thursday, and pizza on Fridays (Click here for the menu). The TSPA store will be stocked with all needed tennis accessories (shoes, racquets, balls, caps, shirts…) and we are pleased to have this easily organized for you in our online store. Delivery can be done by shipping or simply a pick-up when your child arrives on their first day of camp.

Getting our great staff together of camp directors, tennis pros and counselors is well underway, and many have already signed their big contract. In fact, our pro in trainer and counsellor in trainer programs, for those who are 15 years old or who have little work experience, has gained popularity in the past few years. Find out more about the PIT / CIT program by clicking here as this is your chance to earn some income and be amongst the most prestigious staff in the City.

Along with tennis, field games such as soccer and soccer-baseball, the daily swimming at both pools will be in full fledge, while finally, our sports psychology workshops will be done in a way to build your child’s mental skills and ultimately allow them to be more positive, believe in themselves and make the most of any situation. For a list of all elearning courses available; click here. For those who complete at least three courses by June 23rd, get an extra 10 coupons! Our most popular courses are the ‘optimism’ courses for kids and adults, as well as the past summer camp courses which were given in the past. All courses are organized by levels with 100 courses for 5-7 year olds and 200 level courses are 8-11 year olds etc…

Camp begins June 23 right through August, and we will continue to provide group clinics and private lessons for both adults and children alike, by our qualified tennis professionals. There will be various tournaments and round robins throughout the season to fulfill everyone’s playing desires; and whether a child or adult, beginner or advanced, TSPA will be ready to provide your particular tennis fancy.

Lior Doron, and some of his core staff, have been providing the Tennis Sports and Psychology Academy for close to a decade now. The experience is only growing. Each year there are improvements and new ideas from the last. While putting his heart and soul into the academy, Lior has grown his staff and provided fulfilling employment to many, and exceptional tennis and sports psychology to all those who have taken part. This season we have goals of enhanced involvement from the children particularly, through writing, pictures, video, blogging, creativity and whatever else can be conceived to enhance the learning and the experience (watch mini-video).

We at TSPA, are committed to reaching for excellence in what we do, and have learnt from our mistakes, and have listened to parents’ and children’s suggestions over the years. TSPA truly comes from the heart, and beyond tennis and sports in general, there is a genuine care for community, success, positive experience and involvement on different levels. Let’s make the 2014 TSPA experience another memorable one!


Jason Lurie Assistant Director TSPA

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